'"...If you're not an A you're an F "  - Tommy Igoe


This was probably one of the most profound statements I've ever heard.  So what does it mean?  It's pretty straight forward, right?  Well,  it is, but really think about that statement in its entirety.  In every musical situation, for every team you're working with, when practicing, when jamming, when playing in front of 5 people or 5,000 it is our responsibility, our job, our guarantee that will will give nothing but THE BEST performance we can possibly give.  Insuring that every note is given the quality and care to be performed at the highest level.



About Me

steve fruda drums/percussion


From the smallest of stages to 7,000 plus venues.  From home recording to full-suite sessions at some of the most well know studios in the world.  Playing with my good friends to some of the industries top players. I've been blessed to have had a vast array of musical experiences.  

Performing, recording, business operations, marketing and promotions.     

I love the drums.  I love the sound.  I love the groove.  I love what the sound does to people.  I love the instrument, the design, the shape.  I love how the instrument is created, the full range of frequencies it produces, the characteristics, the colors.  I stated playing drums like most drummers do - pots and pans in the kitchen at a very young age.  Throughout my journey I have focused on trying to align myself with people who have the same values and core beliefs as myself - professionalism to the highest degree, respect, humbleness, gratfulness and an sense of sheer amazement when we get the chance to sit behind the instrument of our choice and get to make a living doing so.  I've spent years honing my craft and developing a style and a technique that brings energy to any musical situation.  My joy for being a musician comes through with every opportunity I get to play music. 

One of the greatest lessons I've ever learned about music performance...