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​Modern Drummer Magazine, May 2017

Compact Clubber

This light, tight, and customized setup comes from Steve Fruda, from Norwalk, Connecticut, who decided to downsize after a few seasons of nonstop wedding gigs with his New York City–based band, the Elements. The early-2000s Premier Artist Heritage Club kit includes a 5.5×13 snare, a 6×10 rack tom, an 11×13 floor tom, and an 8×20 bass drum, and the entire setup fits into three compact bags.

“Long gone are the days of lugging around an 18×22 bass drum with deep toms and heavy double-braced cymbal stands,” Fruda says. “My idea for this kit started about eight years ago. I loved the sizes of the set but wasn’t sure about the quality of sound that these would produce. So I took a leap of faith, and it proved to be the right move. The drums sound massive. And this kit has proven to be very portable, lightweight, and reliable, wedding after wedding.”

Among Fruda’s ideas was to build a setup that didn’t rely heavily on cymbal stands. “I knew I would still need my staples—hi-hat stand, snare stand, and throne—but I just didn’t see the need for any other stands,” he explains. “Almost every drum and stand serves a dual or triple purpose. My hi-hat also supports my 16″ crash and my electronics.”

The compact rig not only makes Fruda’s gig commutes easier, it also saves time and stage space. “Our musical director is impressed with the kit’s footprint,” the drummer says. “With a smaller bass drum, I fit nicely in the corner without imposing on anyone’s space. And our keyboardist can’t believe how quickly my teardown is on every gig. One trip in, and one trip out. And that’s the way I like it.”

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 Welcome to  Steve is a professional drummer/percussionist based in New York City and is currently the drummer for the band The Elements /Elan Artists.  For over 20 years, Steve has been playing with many artists throughout the greater tri-state area and has a list of recording/live performance credits. Having studied with some of "the greats" in our industry including Tommy Igoe (author, Lion King, Birdland Big Band) , Frank Marino (author "The Time Capsule"), Frank Bellucci (author "Feet First"), Make Marble, and Greg DeAngelo (White Lion).  In addition, Steve has played with such notable NY musicians including Paul Ranieri (Mark Wood, Dangered Ace, The Ranieri Theory), Jon Bivona (TSO, Mark Wood), Dan Policar (Sean Paul, Fabolus), Jeff Washburn (Blue Jupiter) and has worked with countless bands including The Decandent West, The High Culture, 40 Days, Holler, The Elements, Dangered Ace, Third Sister, Second Wind.   

"the goal of any drummer is to create the foundation. The pulse for the creativity to begin..."